(/ˈkɑːsŋkɚ/) - conquest of square


GPS-based, procedurally structure generated, PokemonGo-alike multiplayer mobile game, using Unity and Django, glowed up with astonishingly magic graphics. Every model and UI was carefully crafted by me. Being under the wing of Innovative Projects by Nokia, our team stood on the podium of their competition.

Consquare showcase
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Protect your castle walls with magical fortifications and develop your guild by improvements gained by mining. Grow your empire to unimaginable dimensions by creating impressive castles and various fortresses.

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Gather your friends for your team and become the most powerful guild in the area. Train your team's tactics on the terrifying creatures that live in the world of Consquare. Lead your army in mighty battles right outside your house.

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Place mines on extensive procedurally generated random structures. Use items found during your wander to develop your character. Collect necessary ores for your team and found all of mystical crystals. Become more and more powerful each day.

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The world of Consquare pretty resembles our world, but is steeped in enigmatic wizardy. In vast corners of the world you will find many extraordinary characters that will change your outlook on life. The openness of our game world is limited only by the boundaries of our Earth globe.

Master-winning finish

Our team spent almost three months participating in a competition organized by Nokia under the wing of the Innovative Project. Every week we met at Nokia's headquarters with employees to discuss next changes and vision of the project in the spirit of agile software development. Being ahead of the rest of others teams, we stood on the podium, gaining valuable work experience in the team and great beginning of our game development.

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Me, creative director, designer (and developer)

My main work on project was focused on designing every aspect of game. 3D models and UI graphic is my individual work. One of my tasks was to create consistent user-friendly UX experience. Models were created using Blender and GUI project along with concept arts was designed carefully in Photoshop. My role in the project was not only limited to the artistic side - I participate developing frontend for game in Unity connected with backend in Django.

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